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Anyone figure out coding - paypal changes shipping selection upon customer checkout?

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  • Anyone figure out coding - paypal changes shipping selection upon customer checkout?

    This has been an issue for years and lately getting worse and worse. What happens is we have ups ground as our default shipment selection since the majority of folks use this due to the weight of the honey purchase they are making. We also sell a product that requires it be shipped in a cooler and shipped to folks out West via ups 2 day air. Folks will select ups 2 day air on our site and if they then decide to pay with paypal will be taken to paypal to pay for their purchase. When they come back to our site to finalize their payment, the shipment choice is reverted back to ups ground and many folks then check out quickly without doublechecking their shipment selection. Why should they they've already chosen it prior to heading off to paypal to pay. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? We could set our default shipping to ups 2 day air but this would cause mass confusion as 70% of orders go ups ground, the rest using ups 2 day air or usps. We know this is happening when the checkout page is refreshed. Only option paypal gave us was to take off paypal as a payment option?? Really? Need any suggestions as anyone who uses various shipping mean and has a default selection in 3 dcart which you do this is happening to and you might not even realize it. Been going on for at least 5 years as I can read issues back in 2010 with this issue. It takes up so much of our time contacting customers, rebilling customers for additional amounts, refunding them when they cancel their orders since they are frustrated thinking we changed it on them, etc. ! We have paypal express set up on our site - thanks!

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    Wow. That's serious. Was just going to add expedited shipping on some new products. Guess I won't.


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      here's an idea - paypal is our payment processer so we use paypal pro for credit card purchases. Instead of using paypal express for paypal payments we could use paypal standard where the payment is finalized on paypal and not on our website? Anyone try this route. I know many of you most likely didn't even know this was happening - there are posts on 3dcart dating back to 2010 about it and we must switch 5-6 orders per day which is now taking up too much time. Or we could simply remove paypal express and see how it goes and only accept credit cards for all purchases?


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        Are your customers selecting the 2-day on the View Cart Page? What if you disallowed shipping calculations on the cart page - I think there might be a setting for that. That way they go to paypal before choosing shipping -- ?? not sure if that would work.
        Joe Arbogast


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          folks like to know what shipping is prior to filling out all their info on the checkout page. It one of my pet peeves - I will leave a website over trying to calculate shipping - so that is not an option. The issue also arises on the checkout page - if they go right to the checkout page and put all their info in prior to going to paypal same thing happens. I know it's a glitch with 3dcart since we've personally used paypal since it's inception. When I use it at a variety of online websites - I've never experienced the issue unless it's a 3dcart store.


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            thought I had good news - we're having a responsive site coded right now by 3dcart. On the shopping cart page, customers can no longer select their shipping option, they can only see the choices they have once they enter their zip code. If they choose to go to paypal at this point and then come back to complete their purchase it still converts back to ups ground as their shipment choice. I was hopeful that since the new shopping cart does not allow them to select shipping, they would then be forced to choose an option when they came back from paypal. However just tested it and when they return to our site ups ground is selected for them. Another option I'm going to try and alert folks at paypal by placing wording on the paypal page versus our logo - space paypal gives you is pretty small so coming up with wording to alert folks to doublecheck their shipping selection.