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Does anyone have a good backup site?

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  • Does anyone have a good backup site?

    Since early this morning my site has been down along with 200 other sites. 3dcart support attitude is that they don't care. Both Orlando and Mellisa just tell me they are working on it and orlando just tells me to look at the 3dcart status page for updates! What an jerk!! I DON'T need updates I NEED my store working and I need it working now.

    Since no one at 3dcart cares in the least, I am turning to the users here for ideas. I am looking for a way so that while 3dcart sites are down that I might be able to get a "backup" site up in place of this? I don't really want to recreate the whole site but instead have a way that at least an intelligent page that tells my prospective customers that we are still here and that the 3dcart is responsible for the site being down and a way for them to still contact us. 3dcart workers don't care that the site being down is costing me thousands in lost sales and advertising that leads to a dead site. Call this insurance if you will but I can't and won't rely on 3dcart and Gonzalo any longer. The attitude of the workers comes directly from the owner, Gonzalo. If the workers have an "I don't give a damn" attitude it is only because that is how Gonzalo is.

    Is there a way to possibly have two sites going so when 3dcart goes down and the knuckleheads there can't be bothered to fix it, I can just switch all traffic to a different site?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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    watchdr I understand how frustrating this is, and assure you that any interactions you had that seemed to be apathetic will be dealt with. We care, and have been working on the issue for the better part of the day. At the moment, the server admins are working on restoring the server, and already have an action plan in place. We have already prepared a contingency of moving the affected stores to another server. However, outside of the already resilient redundancies we have in place, you would have to speak to your sales account manager to find any possibilities of more safeguards.


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      watchdr You should have your domain hosted somewhere other than at 3dcart and have it pointed to 3dcart's servers. Then if something happens at 3dcart, it would be simple to point your DNS elsewhere temporarily. You can create a simple web site very inexpensively as a backup and then just point your domain to that server in an emergency. Of course there will be a lag time each time you change servers.
      As far as issues with 3dcart, and as much as this is very frustrating for you, sometimes things just happen that are out of anyone's control.


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        it will also depend on the plan you using...if you have the standard vanilla ones you will be grouped on a server with multiple/dozens/hundreds other carts sharing resources and such...if uptime is a key reason for success and is a major cost consideration for downtime then an enterprise plan will be a better option. we have one of those even though the traffic doesn't warrant it simply because i don't want to have other stores on the same server sharing resources and such. I don't experience alot of the same issues that people complain about....every once in a while things go boom, as with all things computer related tend to do, but the site and admin are always FAST...and when they don't it gets escalated