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    I submitted this to support in chat, then a ticket, and so far no response. I hope someone here can give me an idea what went wrong.

    On 03-06-16 (yesterday) I created new category "Bee, Butterfly and Bug" and put it under category "Feeders". I then imported 47 products in that category. When I looked at the category in my store, it shows 1429 products in that category! I searched my records for the first page of products (50), and not only did none of them have this category in my files, but not one of them had been imported or edited later than 11-20-15. None of these 50 products were even in the CSV file.

    Any ideas what happened? How do I fix this mess?


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    I can only guess at what happened by looking at your page. Firstly, Excel has a cool way of automatically filling in entries if a column is blank, but you did not mention Excel. Did notice another issue you have, you can see it in the picture, I attached. Seems you have all your products in subs under that top category "Feeders". As a choice I would not do that because whenever a customer clicks on feeders, the entire page with all those products gets loaded. When you get that many categories, you should use a landing page. My opinion. I am pretty new here, but if you want to shoot me a .csv I can look at it. But I will very likely see a lot of @Feeder\feeders\sub...sub....sub

    I can add my own tip here, always have backups. Always make monthly backups of everything. Make backups of everything before you manually do anything in a .csv and only work in a copy of that .csv you downloaded. Open the file and save it right away with a new name.
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      Hi 301bulls, I emailed you a copy of the CSV file. I'd like to discuss the landing page idea with you off-forum (after I get this mess cleaned up). I do backups religiously, but I'm not sure I can reverse the damage by restoring a backup.