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  • Product options CSV upload

    Have not had any reason to upload items with product options until now. Looking through the kb, it appears that to upload an item with product options that you need to upload an item csv, a product options csv and an advanced options csv. Am I on the right track here? Seems like a lot of steps to get an item with product options uploaded?

    Thanks for your insight.

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    The product uploading and management is incredibly cumbersome and laborious. It seems like it was designed from the database forward, and never viewed from the UI perspective. My single biggest complaint about the platform. It seems it could so, so easily be streamlined, I wish there was a dialogue about this.



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      Yes. You have to load the products, then the options, then you have to export the Advanced options (to create the ids), then edit the advanced options CSV, and then re-import it with the modifications.

      It is kind of mind blowing. I have to consult my cheat sheet and take it one step at a time every time I have to do advanced options.


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        Boy, I'm glad I don't have options. I'd be screaming bloody murder right with you!


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          Wow, big can of worms here. Any other users utilizing product options and CSV uploads?


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            I'm using them on one of my sites. Thankfully only a few items have options. It is a bit cumbersome and depending on how many products need options, it might be easier to do it through the admin pages. Even that can get a bit tedious.