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Creating a Bundle + Amazon FBA integration

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  • Creating a Bundle + Amazon FBA integration

    We use the "Fulfillment By Amazon" module and it works wonderfully. But I've run into a problem with bundles and not passing the product codes properly to Amazon.

    I've set up a bundle so the customer gets 3 of an item. I have the "3-Pack" price set at $89.99 and each of the 3 options set as $0 and mandatory. So they don't have any options, they just have to add it to their cart. The problem is 3dcart is passing the ID/SKU of the bundle to Amazon (which in this case is "3 Mic Pack"), but I only want it to pass the option ID/SKUs which is the actual part numbers of the items that match up with the items on Amazon so they know what to ship. I have attached a screenshot. The first ID is "3 Mic Pack37-202-FBA37-205-FBA37-206-FBA" which is causing Amazon to give an error because it doesn't exist. The next 3 IDs are the ones that exist.

    Is there a better way of doing this and have Amazon understand what to send the customer?


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