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Support from 3dcart?

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  • Support from 3dcart?

    Anyone have issues with 3dcart support not responding? I have two tickets in, two chat sessions sent since yesterday, no replies, no emails, have they left the building? My customers are getting error messages in their accounts after support supposedly fixed something, and I have reported this for over a week and NO ONE FROM 3DCART IS RESPONDING!!! I am leaving 3dcart!

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    Have you tried calling them? If I can't get a response from a ticket or chat, I call for telephone support. 1-800-828-6650.

    I have to admit I don't much care for the new ticket system being in the dashboard, but hey, it works, it's just new and sometimes, even though you can teach an old dog new tricks, some dogs are obstinant....hard headed, don't like change. Hello, that's me LOL


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      Yes, their new chat response is too slow (an hour + for each message). They downgraded their support and it is much worse than before.


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        happydog I understand 3dcart-Geronimo reached out to you regarding your concern. Toobusy has the right idea regarding getting a followup to a ticket that didn't seem to get a response within a reasonable amount of time. However, the way we are doing chat now is new, and we're adjusting to the volume every day. If your conversation went stagnant, feel free to drop us a line to keep it going in chat, or just to let us know we are closing chat to resolve on the phone. superdetail and everyone else, we hope that you notice that we are trying to handle your support needs, and, while some of you may feel it is a downgrade, the change in metrics is real, and according to the recent trends, the majority of our users prefer chat.

        For some light reading outlining the direction we've taken with chat, feel free to read the article linked here:


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          Yeah if they answer within an hour or so, then when you have a question because the screen shot from jing from the knowledge base is NOTHING like what you see on your real dashboard you have yet another question and it takes TWO days for them to get back to then we've figured it out or come in here to get help from someone else. That's not an upgrade. Then when you get a follow up email two days later still full of misinformation and you say never mind I figured it out and they write back immediately saying Great glad we could help we're here for you....really? Did they not read your response like they don't read the messages? Sorry for the criticism, don't take it personally, but please, take it professionally. I needed help with a setting on my site and I needed to make a change quickly. Two days is not quickly just to tell me how to make a change that the knowledge base is outdated on and not like the new platform when youre trying to follow along.


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            Toobusy this sounds like a very specific experience we should look into. I know there have been a few rough patches, but that should not be the expectation. Could you provide a ticket number of the example you just gave?


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              I opened a ticket in December. Checked on it every month. They stated they are still working on it with the developers as if 2-15-2016. I call to check on the bug this month. They said the ticket has been closed. No email or call. They said I need to contact PayPal. PayPal says it's a 3dcart issue and I believe them. The bug is costing us up to $50 a day. Probably time to jump ship


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                Response is quick, service is poor.
                You have to indicate to the technicians what needs to be done to repair your site.
                They will tell you they restarted scripts and other such, but, never look to root cause.


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                  Whoa there, Mark it looks like you dropped a broad generalization there. Seriously though, we're glad you've been with us as long as you have, and you probably have a more informed perspective on what support was like before and what it's like now, but is your assessment based on a recent experience, something from the last year, or are we going back further? We pride ourselves on adapting to situations, but if you have a specific example of a recent interaction where a tech did what you described, that needs to be addressed. In other words, that is not the procedure we trained. Sure, a script can be restarted, but the next step is getting the matter investigated by our admins and resolving the root cause.

                  Last edited by 3dcart-Alex; 03-31-2016, 10:38 AM. Reason: Removed the part where I was closing the post because someone actually had a positive response.


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                    Hi Mark, I wanted to tell you about my latest support experience, wherein Alexis went far above and beyond in providing outstanding service. Alexis was like a dog with a bone and simply would not turn loose until the problem was resolved, keeping me informed every step of the way. You can be sure I told Gonzalo about it, too. I've had a few less than stellar experiences, but by and large, support has been fantastic.

                    Here are some things you can do:

                    1. Submit as complete a ticket as you can.
                    Category - There are many, try to pick the one that best matches your problem - there won't always be an exact match.
                    Priority - If you're down, by all means pick EMERGENCY. If it's serious, pick High.
                    Problem Type - If it's affecting your store, pick Software/Store functionality.
                    Summary - Give your ticket a concise but very descriptive summary.
                    Description - Be specific and give as much detail as you would want to see if you were the tech.

                    2. If nothing is happening (do give it a little time), post a request for status update. They all go into the ticket history, so they will be seen. Just looking at the ticket won't help you any.

                    3. If nothing is happening then, or the response shows the tech isn't understanding the problem, request the ticket be escalated.

                    4. Create a forum thread if you haven't already and ask Alex to look into it. Be sure to include the ticket number.

                    5. If all else fails (and I do mean all), look at the Posting Rules of any forum page, then click SEE MORE. There are instructions there as to what to do if a support issue with your 3dcart store was not resolved in a satisfactory manner.

                    I should have added that after a period of inactivity, the system will automatically close a ticket. I believe this is to keep resolved tickets from sitting out there still open. If you make a post to it, it will automatically be reopened.
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                      4. Create a forum thread if you haven't already and ask Alex to look into it. Be sure to include the ticket number.

                      Are you serious?


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                        Mark It's unfortunate that tone can't be read from text, so your last question could come off as incredulous or curious. Either way, yes, he is serious. If you tag me 3dcart-Alex I will get a notification and will see the thread where I was called. It's kind of like my batsignal...


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                          Mark, although Alex answered this better than I could, I want you to know that I am serious. In order for the process to work, we have to do our part. I don't think that's too much to ask.
                          Disclaimer: I am not a 3dcart employee or compensated in any way. I am a 3dcart client and store owner just like you, and I say what I believe. I can't help but compare 3dcart with support from my previous hosting company, whose name I won't call, but BaCk then, support ranged from laughable to nonexistent. There were a few really great support techs, but most knew nothing about the platform and usually couldn't even speak English.


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                            I believe I have uncovered the issue, but, I am not provided the tools to resolve it.

                            The severity of a ticket can no longer be input. They all go in the same.
                            Last edited by Mark; 03-31-2016, 02:02 PM.


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                              Mark, why don't you outline the problem you're having here? Perhaps someone may be able to help. I've found that there are some scary smart people on this forum.