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International Shipping - Duty, Taxes and Brokerage fees

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  • International Shipping - Duty, Taxes and Brokerage fees

    We just shipped an order to Brazil and the actual shipping costs were $250 more than calculated because of a duty fee and brokerage fee that Brazil decided to place on the item when it got there. Has anyone had this issue and have you figured out a work-around?

    What UPS recommends is changing the set up on our website. There should be a selection you can make that has the following three options:

    -Free Domicile (We pay freight, duty, taxes and brokerage fees).
    -Freight Collect (Customer pays freight, duty, taxes and brokerage fees).
    -Prepaid (We pay freight, Customer pays duty, taxes and brokerage fees).

    We want to setup the prepaid option for International shipping. Has anyone done this? Is it just a matter of stating the fact that we will not pay for duty, taxes and brokerage fees?

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    With the down dollar :( we ship almost daily overseas, primarily to the UK, Australia, and Canada. We do pre-paid only, and one of our required checkout questions:

    "Foreign deliveries may have taxes/fees upon arrival. Check with your local customs agency for specifics."

    they have to check that they understand that before proceeding. Also, we include detailed information regarding that in our shipping information section.

    As an FYI, we only use USPS Express Mail International for all foreign shipments, because the price is about 1/2 that of UPS. Trade off is that tracking sucks, but delivery is usually in about 7 days on average, and just as reliable. We had WAY too many complaints and lost sales because of the UPS fees--the brokerage fees are ridiculous.


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      Thanks. Is there any way to set it up so that the question only appears when sending international orders?


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        also interested if you can set this question up for only international orders?
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          I haven't found a way--we have it show on all checkouts, but being able to flag it for foreign only would be great.

          Did either of you find a way to alter the shipping info to allow for foreign postal codes? We had to post a note that tells our customers that they had to enter 5 digits, even if they do not have a postal code (some parts of Ireland)--they enter 00000, otherwise they get the dreaded "no shipping methods to your location" error.