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Backend Login Required To Submit Support Request!???

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  • Backend Login Required To Submit Support Request!???

    Anyone else confused/annoyed that now, in order to submit a ticket for tech support you have to be logged into the back end of your 3dcart site? There's a Feb 3 post on the support page stating this as if it's a great new thing. Our site is down. I can't get to the chat feature. I also can't submit a ticket because the only options on the support page at are for sales or billing. And I don't feel like, or have the time to call and talk on the phone. I need to report a site down.

    So how are we supposed to do that now?

    The attached image is what I see when trying to log in.
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    Yep, this is exactly the reason many of us complained about this new "feature" of the new admin. The new way to file tickets also doesn't allow attachments, which is a big pain sometimes. I'd really like the old ticketing system to come back.


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      Add a me too here also. Last time my site was down, I couldn't submit a ticket either. What's the point? By the time it's back up you don't need support now do you?


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        Exactly my point, Alupis & Toobusy :-) It was incredibly frustrating, especially since at the time I hadn't realized it had changed to this degree until I started futzing around trying to reach them and realized that I couldn't!


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          don't feel too bad...when the system really craps out (issue affecting everyone) and you can't submit a ticket...try calling...10 deep is always fun too.....and then you get a voicemail prompt if they are REALLY bogged down to leave a message. then you realize that trying escalate an issue is almost pointless. hey we can't print labels, oh sometime today I guess..that is nice...i honestly don't think that support has gone downhill at all...i think 3dcart has added too many stores and can't keep up and lost its once personal touch. even submitting customization requests have a 60 (SIXTY) day enhancement window now...unreal.


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            If all else fails, look at the Posting Rules of any forum page, then click SEE MORE. There are instructions there as to what to do if a support issue with your 3dcart store was not resolved in a satisfactory manner. I assume not being able to contact support at all would qualify. I don't know if this would help, but at least it should be noticed.


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              I worked out recently that if I log a call, I can respond to the email and attach all the files I need to to the email. The call is then updated with the relevant attachments. Hope that helps everyone.
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