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Shipping question with Paypal and 3dc

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  • Shipping question with Paypal and 3dc

    !!!!! Never mind! No sooner than I made this post I went back in to look at a sales record I created and viola! I see the options in the right hand column that I need.

    So what I'm having trouble figuring out is how to enter the tracking info into the customers order record on 3dcart so they get a notification email and / or can look up tracking info when they log in.
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    On the order itself on the right hand side you'll see tracking that shows "none", click none and it'll drop down for you to add the tracking number and then you can change the status to shipped and it should notify your customer. I use shipping easy and it imports my orders from 3dc and when I print a label it fills in the tracking and status for me, but when I was doing it manually, that's where I'd do it. Hope this helps.
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