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    Would someone expand on exactly how the "additional keywords" in the category page are being presented to a search engine?

    The knowledge base claims

    "Unlike meta tags, these keywords will be listed as part of the page's content and viewable to the browser. However, as they are part of the page's actual content they will also be beneficial in returning search engine result hits."

    These keywords are not visible to people looking at the page. If you look at the page source they show up in highlighted red text at the bottom of the page. My concern is will this be viewed by google as "hidden text" and penalized as deceptive practices. The knowledge base is claiming this is going to be beneficial for search engine results which means that these hidden words must be in some approved of format and they must be something that is not simply ignored. Can anyone tell me whether this is a good practice method and that indeed google will use these words in page analysis? Similarly I no longer spend time listing meta-keywords as almost every article I have read claims they are a waste of time and not relevant to search engines. Time better spent elsewhere... Wondering whether these "additional keywords" fall into that category.

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    do not use them - they are no use to google (only titles & descriptions have value) but easy to help what keywords you are seeking to rank for - to your competitors