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Help removing option price from checkout page

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  • Help removing option price from checkout page

    If you have a product base price, with options that increase or decrease the total product price, users see the change in price in the options area on the product page...for example:

    A $10.00 base price would be displayed on the product page; and in the options users see either a reduction or increase in price based upon the option selected, like [+$4.00] or [-$3.00], etc.

    Depending upon the option chosen above the in-cart price would show either $10.00 (base product), $14.00 or $7.00

    That's all fine...I've worked around any confusion with that on the product pages. However, in the checkout pages the option price shows at the end of the description line and is confusing for customers. It looks like this, for example:

    Widget X
    Large option - $4.00 $14.00

    My issue should be simple--I hope. I just want to remove the code from the checkout page that displays the option price, so that only the line item total is shown. But, my ability to parse the page code is not really that good.

    Can someone point me to which bit I need to comment out so that it doesn't display this way? Thanks.