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PayPal Turned Off In My Store

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  • PayPal Turned Off In My Store

    A customer told me today that PayPal was not offered as a payment method in my store. The last PayPal order I received was on 07-02-16, so it must have been turned off since then. I haven't switched back to the legacy admin, and I certainly didn't turn it off. Has anyone else seen this or know why it might happen?

    I don't have the time or inclination to check out all my store settings on a daily basis, but, since 3dcart doesn't offer a downloadable or scrapeable admin log, I see no other alternative.

    Help, anyone!!!

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    cwnoah I am glad you posted this. I went and checked my payments and my offline call in with card payment option was turned off. I never turned it off and just turned it back on.


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      Just for future reference... Note your current 3dcart version and the next time there is a version update see if the options become inactive. If so, it would be off at default of the version upgrade. This is possibly the same case as the Mailing List, Search and other modules off by default at version update
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        But why? And then when you start a ticket they say you did it, it didn't happen with the update but there's too many instances of this stuff happeniing with an update for it to all be us, or it would seem so?


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          I'm glad I came back and checked this post. I haven't received a single email about it, even though I'm subscribed to the thread. Thanks for all your posts. I'll definitely watch for a version update. I wonder what else they're turning off. Grrrr!

          3dcart-Alex , 3dcart-Henry , can you shed some light on my not getting emails? I have created threads before and gotten emails.
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            I'm not getting emails either on subscribed threads where I used to. Been happening about a week maybe longer?


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              I'm starting to get some. I've seen 6 this morning in Messages at the top of the screen and I got emails on 2, including this one. This has happened before. 3dcart-Alex , 3dcart-Henry , are you there?


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                I got one today but there are posts on other threads I'm subscribed to. Not sure what the difference is but I also noticed today that my crm pages are different so I need to go check settings out and make sure nothing changed. I noticed I'm updated to V 7.2.4