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RMA Module doesn't work

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  • RMA Module doesn't work

    I have a customer who placed their order on June 25, 2016 and wants to make a return. The RMA module doesn't allow it because it claims it is past the RMA period. I have set the RMA period to 160 days! It has only been 30 days since the order was placed.

    Does anyone else have this problem of the RMA module not working at all?

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    Reshonee finally responded and said they put a new option on EACH product which is set at a default of 0 days and the check box to use the default setting in the module is unchecked. This is on each product!

    I have about 1000 items and there is no way to easily update this stupid new check box without opening each product individually.

    Has anyone else figured out how to set this stupid checkbox without having to open every product and then going to the advanced options page and clicking it? This is the most stupid thing I have ever dealt with.

    I pay 3dcart for many years NOT to make stupid problems that cost me days of work which are a complete waste of time.

    Of course when I asked Reshonee how to do this without opening each product he refused to respond! Typical of the worthlessness of 3dcart support.


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      Originally posted by watchdr View Post
      Has anyone else figured out how to set this stupid checkbox without having to open every product...
      Yes, you can update everything all at once with a CSV upload. Are you familiar with how to populate the CSV file and upload it? You need only two columns: id and rma_maxperiod . The action of populating the field(s) via CSV upload will also clear the check box - I verified this myself with a test product.

      Every field / value in the 3dcart system can be updated in this way. I don't think it's appropriate to antagonize 3dcart - especially by singling out a specific employee by name - on account of you being unaware of this functionality. No one is out there making problems for you.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting