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  • Custom CSS lost

    Anyone else having lost CSS issues? Trying to launch my site this week and I just noticed that many of the CSS edits I made and that were stable for a few weeks have disappeared. I have been customizing via the default_modified file. A few example, I just had to reset most of the colors I specified two weeks ago, alignments are all screwed up, etc. etc

    I've been making course corrections today and find that when I make changes and save the modified file some of them are not "sticking". I go back to the CSS file and either they are no longer there or they are not rendering. I'm clearing the cache as well.

    Another question, aren't the default_modified css template changes supposed to supersede what is in layout.css? When using Chrome inspector the CSS many instances are pointing to layout.css rather than the default_modified file.

    Again, everything was stable for weeks after our initial design work. Today, everything is screwy. Please advise what may be happening. Thanks.

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    dkwsbc go: settings-->design-->themes & styles and see what is the "Selected Stylesheet" in the top right. If it is default, change it to default modified and then go to your general settings, clear your store cache and refresh the front end. (also won't hurt to clear your browser cache depending on your browser settings)

    You will always see layout.css as it is a system side supporting css file. Now the only other option would be that your default css is being called incorrectly in the frame.html. to be sure it is being called correctly in the frame it should be called like so:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/templates/[template]/css/[stylesheet]" type="text/css" media="screen" />
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