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  • Shipping method is not automatically selected

    I am using Single Page Checkout V2. A customer checking out experienced an error where none of the shipping methods were selected. I opened her order from the back end, and I experienced the same error of "Invalid Shipping method".
    Selecting one of the shipping methods solves the issue, but these are supposed to be selected automatically, and there is no way to Deselect all of them.
    Has anyone else seen this error, and do you know where to edit the error message. I cannot find it on the Checkout Page, Store Language, or System Messages.

    Support will not help if I do not have a screen shot, or if I can't replicate the error! :(

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    I just had one where the guy couldn't check out from New Zealand and when I opened his order his kept defaulting to United States and we'd get a cannot validate shipping address. I did it three times on my end before I got it to stay on New Zeland and not default back to US. But the calc, once again, was off and I'm eating the big weeney


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      Sorry that I am late to the game here, but until I experienced this problem today and had to try to find a solution, I did not know that this thread existed.

      It is a little unclear what your problem is because of the way it is worded. I know you cannot change the error message. What you MIGHT be able to change is the behavior of the shipping method.

      The error, if I understand it correctly, occurs because even though there is only one possible shipping method for them to choose, it is not selected by default. When a customer does not select that one and only shipping method, the ensuing error message is worded so poorly, a customer cannot figure out what the problem they need to fix is (which is just to select the radio button next to the only shipping method available). This is VERY BAD for conversions!

      The fix that I came up with was this ...

      You need to open the checkout-singlepage-v2.html file and search for:

      <input type="radio" name="shipping" value="[ID]" [SELECTED] id="radio_ship" onClick="select_shipping([ID]);" />

      In between "[ID]" and [SELECTED] insert the word "checked" (without the quotes)

      Your new line of code should be:

      <input type="radio" name="shipping" value="[ID]" checked [SELECTED] id="radio_ship" onClick="select_shipping([ID]);" />

      Click SAVE.

      This will select your one and only possible shipping method for that order by default.
      Last edited by Scott McKirahan; 06-14-2017, 06:39 PM.