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    Hi. Has anyone run into a problem with the product price using Google Rich Snippets? My pricing is displaying with a dollar sign, which Google says is a no-no. I look at the template, and it appears that the dollar sign is part of the variable [price], meaning that I have no way to correct his. Anyone else?

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    Gatorcovers New tag coming with next update that is coming soon [price_without_currency] .


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      for now you can go to Settings > General >Store Settings > Store Tab and remove the $ Currency Symbol.

      When the new tag is active, use it, and restore the currency symbol. When you take the $ out, it will not show on any page like search and category.


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        How does Google react to it, though? My snippets are showing with the currency symbol without issue.
        Joe Arbogast


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          Thanks elightbox. Right on target.


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            Birdsafe - I can't answer that, but when I tested the rich snippets, Google threw up a warning. It could be that they've made accomodations for pricing that has a currency symbol in front of it.


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              [price_without_currency] still displays numbers with a comma separator (at the thousands, at the millions) that won't parse correctly. Shouldn't be a problem for everybody as not everyone sells products over $1K.

              I was talking about it in this thread, but it still hasn't been resolved for me. Hopefully the new variable helps most of you. It will save you the trouble of removing the "$" from ALL of you pages (not just the product pages; search results, category pages, checkout...).

              Example showing that the comma needs to be removed:
              Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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                UPDATE: It works!

                I submitted a ticket about the pricing Schema before [price_without_currency] was an available variable; after it became active, I kept the ticket open because the variable was still supplying commas which was invalid code for Schema markup. After working with David Land at 3dcart, we were able to identify and correct the issue. As of this post the variable works as intended.

                Now my organic results show pricing info for items over $999 as well as those equal to or under it.

                Webmaster: Texas Media Systems