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Google reCaptcha 2.0 - Incorrect Verification Word

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  • Google reCaptcha 2.0 - Incorrect Verification Word

    I'm attempting to replace 3dcart's version of the captcha (image driven) with Google's "I'm not a robot" checkbox on a custom registration page. I have removed the start and end captcha code blocks, disabled the reCaptcha module and refreshed the cache. Once the form is submitted, I'm redirected to the error page ID 55 "Incorrect Verification Word". What am I overlooking to make this change? Any help is greatly appreciated. https://decoratetheseason-com.3dcart...ister.asp?cg=3

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    Hey iMarketing Guy ! Unfortunately, we don't have this feature ready to roll out just yet, but there is good news! Our developers are currently working on this feature and we hope to have it available to all of our stores sometime this quarter. We don't have an exact ETA, but you can also follow the progress of this (and other features) by going over to