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    I have a Content Page (Jewelry Facts) that has multiple layers of content pages with internal links to hidden pages. Is it possible to create a next/prior page for these content pages?

    Here's what I of my top bar Content pages is called "Jewelry Facts" - there are about 6 or so items the customer can click on at that page. One of them is called "Gemstone Lores" - if the customer clicks on this...they will be taken to a hidden page that shows a two column table with about 49 gemstone names (these individual names are also internal links to their respective gemstone page). Once they are there though, if they want to see the next gemstone - they have to toggle back from the path bar...I'd like to have a "Next/Prior Page" option, so that the customer can simply press next and move onto the next sub-content page. I was trying to avoid inputting 49x2 (prior & next) or so internal links on each page :D .

    But since these are all stand alone pages and not grouped together like products - I'm not sure if it can be done easily (like just plugging in the code)...any thoughts?

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    If the pages are relatively static meaning that the number, order, etc. doesn't regularly change, couldn't you hard code links that say Next and Previous which link to the correct page?


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      Well they are all definitely static pages - it's pretty straightforward - just text & images - and some may be linked up to products that carry these particular gemstones.

      To experiment I tried putting in a code from one of the 49 sub-content pages (mainly because I couldn't figure out if it could go into one of the html templates...), but wasn't successful - this is where I typically get hung up. I'm also not sure what to put in code wise for referencing...:confused: - it seems ike it should be an easy thing - but the more I start thinking about it and trying things, the more difficult it becomes. I guess because I don't want a next/prior page on all my sub-content pages - just on this distinct group of 49. Any ideas for coding - even if it involves setting up 49 codes in the sub-content specific html pages, that's better than doing the internal links. Any suggestions for codes to try?


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        If I am understanding you correctly, you will not be able to add the code to the template since you it will not be dynamically generated by the system and also because you don't want it on all of the content pages.

        I think you would want to do the following, say for example the first page is:
        And you wanted to put a link to the second page which is located at:
        You could put this at the end of the content for the first page in the admin:
        <a href="">Next Page</a>
        You could of course ad an arrow or other image if you so desired.


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          Thanks...that's what I thought - nothing to reference :(
          I put in a support ticket for this, so if they are able to give me any other suggestions, I'll post them here.

          Right now, either way I look at it (putting in a code like you suggested or setting up internal links) I'm still looking at doing it in all 49 pages, aren't I?


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            Originally posted by JLynn View Post
            Right now, either way I look at it (putting in a code like you suggested or setting up internal links) I'm still looking at doing it in all 49 pages, aren't I?
            I believe so. The good news is you could do it in about an hour and it sounds like it would be a one time thing. Since the content seems pretty important to your site it may be worth the time investment.

            Hopefully support can come up with something less manual....


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              Thanks Mueller -
              Support will probably say the same thing.
              I was originally going to set up all the gemstone information on one page - but it would have been a long page to scroll down, so opted to make them all individual content pages with the added benefit of being able to link a product back to them for additional information (for those that are interested).

              Anyways...good thing for copy/paste and my mouse clicking speed.


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                You could do one large page and then link to is using anchor links which would at least take a visitor to the correct part of the long page. Although, I agree that in the end it would probably be better to have multiple shorter pages even if it means more work up front.


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                  Heard back from support and the one line answer was "no this is only possible for product pages".

                  Confirmation of what we thought - but thanks for offering the additional suggestions - once I get through setting up my options, I may go back and add them - but it's definitely way down on the priority list knowing it will suck up a chunk of time.