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  • GTIN for multiple colors - Google

    Hi all. I know some of you must have had this challenge. I have a product that has 17 colors. I need a GTIN for each color. The export feed only allows one GTIN per color. If I used the drop-image menu, it has no space for GTIN. I don't want 17 products. How did you address this?

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    Offhand, I would just make 17 products, hide them, and then link them to the drop-image menu for the item(s). This way, your inventory is kept accurate and the GTINs are associated with SKUs that will export correctly. It may not be the best solution for you, but it is a solution.
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      Good idea if the number of variables were small. I would have about 10,000+ products to add.


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          I think it will work. The advanced options doesn't save the text. So, can't enter GTINs or create feed. Ticket placed.


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            Do you have any special characters in your GTIN number, such as the Quotation Mark? "

            We had that issue and had to type out the word inch to make the GTIN save.

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              I had to check the checkbox next to the row. This is is different from the other options menu where rows do not need to be selected to be saved. It might have helped had their been a simple statement such as "select the field and save". After that, it worked just fine.