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SUPPORT has Gone from Bad to Unbelievable!

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  • SUPPORT has Gone from Bad to Unbelievable!

    I've been with 3dCart for a few years now. The support wasn't great when I started, but now it is completely useless and downright ridiculous! Only 20% of my support tickets throughout the years have been resolved. Below I have outlined the recent RIDICULOUS interaction with support.

    1) I have installed some javascript for an Exit Intent Pop in the <HEAD> section of frame.html. I don't want the Pop to trigger when customers are on the following pages:

    2) I create a new frame.html named frame_3.html that does not contain the javascript and uploaded to my theme directory via FTP.

    3) Through the cart's Admin I went to Site Content > My Account and chose "Style 3" from the drop down for "Frame Template", saved, cleared cache, viewed site. The My Account is still using the default frame.html.

    4) I submit a support request outlining the above. Below are the responses from 3dCart support.


    I recently added an exit popup script to my frame.html. I do not want the popup to show on the following pages:

    To accomplish this I created a copy of my frame named frame_3.html that does not contain the popup javascript. I uploaded the frame. Through the Admin I used 'Site Content' 'My Account' and selected frame_3.html. The page is still using the default frame.html. I need this fixed ASAP.


    Thank you for reaching out to our Support Team! I will be glad to further assist you.

    When selecting different theme styles in the site content area, it will only work for "non-linked" Site Content pages. These are pages which you typically create yourself for use on the store like terms and conditions, about us, informational pages, and custom forms.

    For "linked" pages that are linked to an ASP file like your site's CRM contact Page, Blog, Home Page, Affiliate or My Account pages, you will be able to remove the left and right banners by going to the Content ->Titles & Content area instead.

    Please see article for more detailed information:

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


    3dcart Technical Support Specialist
    1-800-828-6650 Opt. 3


    I respond to reiterate that I'm not trying to remove side bars. I'm trying to have different <HEAD> information, and that is why I created the new frame_3.html and chose it through the Site Content.


    You will have to upload a different version of the frame(frame_1.html) into the theme folder (assets/ella-jewelry-html5.old). Then you would go to the site content page in question and select the second frame style from the 'default frame;' dropdown ( ).

    Where can I upload additional versions of my Frame?

    3dcart Quality Assurance


    This is one of MANY examples of 3dCart support wasting my valuable time. I pay for a 3rd party hosted solution so I don't have to maintain every little thing. If we can't choose different frame.html for "Linked Pages" WHY IS THERE THE OPTION TO DO SO? There are many more examples of broken features throughout the Admin interface.

    Another example is "Gift Certificates". When creating a product there is the option to check the box "Gift Certificate". The help menu states that if checked the item will have free shipping and be non-taxable. I sell gift certificates with that box checked. During the holidays I noticed that Sales Tax was being charged on the gift certificates. I submitted a support ticket, and after some back and forth I was given the final answer that I would have to check the box "Non-Taxable" and they will get around to changing the documentation to reflect this. I'm fairly certain that when I first created the Gift Certificate items and checked that box THEY WEREN'T TAXED! So, 3dCart breaks their own feature, then instead of fixing it decides to eventually change the documentation? In the United States YOU DON'T CHARGE TAX ON GIFT CERTIFICATES! Customers are charged sales tax when they purchase using the gift certificates. This is DOUBLE TAXATION!


    That felt good, but it doesn't resolve the numerous unresolved support tickets.
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    Marty, you gave some inaccurate details as to what you're doing and the rep did their best to help you. And when your question was made clearer, the answer was made clearer. So...
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      What was not clear? I pasted my original support ticket in the OP (except replaced my domain with x's). I would say anyone remotely familiar with 3dCart's frame.html should have no problem understanding what I wrote. I believe the RESPONSE #1 from support was the TRUE and accurate response. It appears that the "Linked" pages such as My Account cannot use custom frame.html even though there is the option to do so within the "Content" section of those pages.

      The problem is - I still have my problem of needing to use code in the <HEAD> section of all pages except for:


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        My first thought was that you were trying to edit the My Account template, not between the page's HEAD tags. Once you said that though, things of course made more sense.

        I looked into this and couldn't find anything useful for the method you're using, but the comments about sidebars got me thinking...

        You could install the code on the sidebar and then of course display the sidebar throughout your site, except on the 3 pages you mentioned. You may be able to load the sidebar but effectively hide it, like by setting its width to 1 pixel, or tucking it behind some other stuff on the Z axis. That way the sidebar is present, and all the code and scripts in it are present and loading, but the sidebar isn't visible.

        It's just an idea that I haven't thoroughly explored so maybe it won't work, or it may be a viable workaround. I'd be interested in the opinion of someone with more design proficiency than myself.

        If that workaround is something you may want to go off and try, and if your rant has ended, how about editing your post and removing the reps' names, yeah? Google scrapes these forums, and we wouldn't want to include these people's names in something that has nothing to do with them.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          I removed reps names as suggested. Regarding the sidebar, that won't work. The code has to come before </head>. I'm still hoping support comes up with a solution. I wish the cart would honor the "Style" choice of custom frame.html on those pages. It would be a very easy solution, and since it is an option offered through the admin. I'm hoping the developers fix this.


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            Marty In regards to the My Account reference support was correct in what they told you regardless if they referenced sidebars. The My Account page in "Site Content" does not control any aspect of the actual "My Account" page. That is simply in there so it will have a link in your (typically upper most menu bar (non-category)) to your actual "My Account" page.

            You could however use css to possibly hide the popup from view on the pages that you don't want it to show. That would be much easier than doing the old frame style change.

            For example you could put this at the top of each page that you do not want the popup to be visible:

            <style type="text/css">
            div#bio_ep_bg, #bio_ep {
            display: none !important;

            Give that a whirl and see if it helps. I didn't look to see if any of the rules for the pop are internal so this is shooting in the dark with an idea.
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              thecartdesigner Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had tunnel vision - focusing on not having the script on the page. I just tested on one page, and it worked!


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                thecartdesigner I have a question. To edit the login and My Account pages I have to add the code to the files in /common-html5. Will this be overwritten with cart updates? If so, is there a way to receive notifications when these files change? Thanks!


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                  Marty I am glad that helped... Just to clarify the structure.

                  Try to modify within the admin panel template editor whenever possible because it will keep 10 successive backups on hand (you could do like I do and download theme backups via ftp as well but I overkill for good reason). When you modify a template in the admin panel it releases that template file from being overwritten by duplicating the new modified file name to your theme template folder instead of the common folder.

                  Now if you want to avoid adding the style snippet to the actual file you can also go to content-->titles & content--> find the page e.g. (my account) click edit and add the same thing instead to the header or footer of that page. Save, clear store cache and it will work that way as well. This will keep you from needing to modify templates directly for things like this.

                  System updates in general are typically just listed on the forum.

                  Hope this makes things a bit more clear.

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                    thecartdesigner Thank you again! I updated the files through the Template Editor. Now that I've done that they are released as you mentioned. Is there a way to undo this so the theme will still use the files from common-html5? I have experienced features in the cart breaking when the core receives an update that isn't compatible with modified template files.