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  • Swiching site to https

    Has anyone switched the entire site to https. If so can you give me some input on how this is done the proper way.

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    You'll need an SSL Certificate. 3dcart offers several options that will likely be the best option for you. You can also find SSL Certificates from other places that can be added to your store, but 3dcart will charge to install it ($90?). So the savings isn't worth it unless you really do have a specific certificate type in mind... which it doesn't sound like is the case.

    You'll also have to choose your SSL type by a couple of factors: how encrypted you want it, does it need to cover multiple subdomains. I know there are several posts here in the forums, just search "SSL."

    Here's a link to the 3dcart offerings:
    SSL Certificates make sure your site's data transmission is secure when processing and collecting online payments. Purchase a secure socket layer today!
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      If you have your own SSL and are not using the shared 3dcart SSL, then all you have to do is change http to https in your store settings.

      If your customers checkout on then you have your own SSL, and you can do this.

      If your customers checkout on then you're using the shared 3dcart SSL, and you can not do this.

      3dcart Admins - you have the file size restricted to 20 kilobytes!!! I can't post a screenshot to show peterz what I'm referring to. Please adjust the restriction.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          Thought I share with you how to switch a site to https.
          1- Yes you need SSL certificate first
          2 - Change your store URL (general admin) to: https//
          3- Login to your Google webmaster tools and submit the secure site as a new site. Don't delete your non secure site.
          This is what happens: Google will recognize the switch and start indexing the secure site. You will see that the search traffic on the non secure site will slowly decline and will increase on the secure site. The complete switch will take between 1 and 2 weeks and you will see some decline in traffic during that time.
          We decided to switch because it seems like having a secure site will be a requirement or at least a positive thing seen by the search engines particularly by Google.


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            thanks - just made ours all secure and working great :rolleyes:


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              We saw a huge drop in traffic and it took over 4 weeks for the results to come back (mostly because our robots.txt file was incorrect for the first week). So, you might have to be patient. Def make sure that robots.txt file is 100% correct or you'll be in trouble.


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                Good point Rob I forgot to mention that!


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                  Rob1 peterz

                  Can you elaborate on what was incorrect about your robots.txt file that caused your ranking drop until it was corrected? I just made the full HTTPS switch this morning and want to make sure all is good going forward.

                  Thanks in advance!


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                    Actually it's the sitemap make sure that the URL's are shown as https. I contacted support and they fixed it. Initially even after refreshing the links still showed the old sitemap (Unsecured links).


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                      you can go to your sitemap area to update your sitemap to reflect all your links as https in the sitemap - simply go to Marketing>SEO Tools> and under Sitemap click on "Update Sitemap" to rebuild your sitemap index.


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                        peterz ebeegirl

                        Thank you both for the advice!



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                          When you did your HTTP to HTTPS switch, do you do any 301 redirects?


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                            No, this is very have to submit your secure site as a new site to the search engines. You will see a slow increase (visitors) for the old site and an increase for the new site. Search engines are smart enough to recognize the switch.

                            Good question!



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                              Thanks Peter! When you say "you have to submit your secure site as a new site to the search engines" - do you mean in Webmaster Tools? I'm honestly so scared to do this. I rank on page 1 of Google and am so scared to lose ranking.