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Auto-Responders - and New Email Newsletter Templates

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  • Auto-Responders - and New Email Newsletter Templates

    Looking for some advice - with the new cart abandonment module and all the regular emails that are in place already for reviews and so on - anyone have any good suggestions on how you use AutoResponders if you use them at all?

    Also, I want to update the template for email newsletters in the store because the ones that are there are awful. I would imagine we could just cut and paste some html and come up with something good - anyone know a good designer for that?

    Thanks for your time

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    Hello candyman3597 Autoresponders are mostly used for marketing purposes but once you understand the functionality they can be used in other scenarios. Here is a great KB article that goes over the use and setup of autoresponders:

    As far as designing a newsletter template, we at 3dcart have design packages and webmaster services that can help. You can contact our sales department to get more information. ([email protected]) There are some designers on the forums that can help as well so which ever method you feel most comfortable with.