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Gift certificate dispute

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  • Gift certificate dispute

    I have a customer who claims she has never used her gift certificate, yet the balance shown is $0.00. I can't seem to find any way of looking up the order to which her number was applied. Does anyone know how I can pull up that information?

    I'm told that the new update will handle gift certificates better, and I'm hoping that if this isn't possible now, it is one of the fixes. :)

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    If you know the customers name you should be able to look up any orders placed by said customer. The order will list the gift certificate numbr on it as form of payment.

    Also if you go to "orders shipped" you can search by payment method, although I am not sure if gift certificate comes up as a payment method...just something to try.


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      I guess my issue is that the customer could have given the number to a friend to use--we have no way of looking up the code to see where it was applied.

      In this case we did figure it out--the customer's gift certificate was applied, but it does not show on her account when she logs in. We can see it, but to her, it appears that she paid the full balance instead of just a portion with her credit card. Just confusing for the customer. I know that the new update will deal with gift certificates so hopefully this won't even be an issue very soon! :)


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        I had a customer who said the didn't finish an order because it appeared that she was paying the whole amount and the gift certificate wasn't shown. I went in and placed the order for her and it was applied - but it looked confusing. I appeared that if you continued you would have to pay the full amount.
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