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Intermittent website down issues

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  • Intermittent website down issues

    Sales seemed unusually slow today, so we checked the store from different locations, tried checking out, etc. to test. Customer just called and said when on the checkout page trying to complete checkout the page just went down suddenly and he could not get it back to complete checkout. We cannot replicate this issue, but it would explain the slow sales today if this is intermittently happening. Is anyone else experiencing this today? Have put in a support ticket.

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    you need to get pretty inexpensive and it will ping your site every min or so and let you know when it goes down and when it goes back up. We've used it a few times when we are down sporadically and support doesn't experience it. We simply send in our pingdom stats and they send it right over to the server folks.


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      I use Uptime Robot. Free for up to 50 monitors at 5 min intervals.


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        A few days ago, there were server issues. UPtime blew up my phone all day with down messages.


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          thanks for all that information. there was some type of cache issue that 3dcart cleared. seems to be working ok now. we do have pingdom, but only got 1 notice during that time.