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  • Incentivizing Product Reviews

    HI - I'm setting up the Product Review feature and would like to offer customers a discount on their next order as an incentive for writing a review. So for example, save 10% on your next order.

    Has anyone done this? I can set up a static code that is identical for every review, but was looking for a system where a new code is created each time. Thanks.

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    We've never considered creating a dynamic code for product reviews. I guess more than anything, I'm wondering why that would ever be necessary? There could be a reason I haven't thought of, for instance, different codes for different types of products purchased, In that case, integrating MailChimp and some of its more advanced settings would likely be the answer.


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      Scott McKirahan Hi - my thought was to offer an incentive for reviewing my company and the product. I've received such emails from Amazon, for example, after I've purchased from them. The benefit to a specific discount code is that you can then track if it is used, so see if it is a successful marketing tool. You offer 5% off the next purchase to encourage further sales.


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        You need a different single-use only code for each customer, otherwise the code will end up on RetailMeNot and show up in Google searches for everyone to use. Rather than create a code every time you need one, consider using the Group Certificates feature to generate 50 or so codes at once. Just paste one into a Thank You email as needed. You'll want to track them on your own spreadsheet though because 3dcart doesn't offer a lot of built-in support for that (for example, a code's Notes section isn't searchable).

        Merchants on Amazon have mastered this by giving away products for free in exchange for an unbiased review. The ratings for those products always turn out to be overwhelmingly high though, even if it is a garbage product; people feel like they won't be invited for future product trials if they leave a negative review. In a way it's brilliant even though it's covertly manipulative. Still, you could consider that an option.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          If you use the bonus point feature I recommend that you offer your customers free bonus points for leaving a review. You would need to add them manually to their account, but it is easy. This way you can confirm they have an account ;)


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            Hi Marty and DeanP - thanks for your replies. Both are good ideas which I'll review - I think the bonus points might be a simpler solution.