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Shipping cost based on combination of multiple shipping methods

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  • Shipping cost based on combination of multiple shipping methods

    I plan to dropship items from multiple wholesale dealers. Each dealer have different shipping methods (Flat, By Quantity, By Value, etc) . The system allows the customer to pick only one shipping method. Is there way to make the user to pick multiple shipping methods or system can calculate final shippingcost based on multiple shipping method. I am not sure whether restrictive shipping module can solve this problem? Any other solutions or suggestions?

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    Shipping is something that NO shopping cart solution can be perfect on. You just have to find a middle ground and make more on some order and less on others. In fact, even the real time shipping modules are never 100% correct with any shopping cart. If you are in a situation where 100% accuracy affects whether you make a profit or not, you need to re-evaluate your whole product niche viability or your prices.

    There is almost always a solution if you have decent margins. They range from free shipping (with the"free shipping" added to the price of the product), to free shipping for orders over "X" amount, to flat rate shipping with zone/weight/price based variables. We've even had to add a required option on specific products where customers have to select their shipping destination and a shipping add-on cost was added (or not) based on their selection.

    You can also set up Distributors for various products and set up shipping modules to coincide with each distributor.

    If you require anything beyond that, you can abandon every standard shopping cart out there and have a developer create a website for you. Count on spending tens of thousands of dollars and dealing with non-stop security issues if you go that route, though.

    Feel free to PM me with your exact problem. I'm sure there is a workaround! (And no, I do not work for 3DCart. I own and/or manage more than 50 3DCart websites and also do paid private eCommerce consulting - don't worry; if you PM me, I won't charge you for my answer. I have a very select number of clientele that I work with that have far bigger issues than just a simple 3DCart workaround.)
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      Not sure if this add on is what you are looking for or if you even want to pay for an add, but worth a look.

      Full Disclosure: We have never tried this service.

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