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  • Missing Chat icon

    Can someone tell me where the chat icon is on the admin section? My backend is so slow I can not function, getting errors from shipworks. Taking 15 minutes for a page to load. I tried to get on chat but the site shows to use the chat icon on the bottom right of the admin area. I dont see it. I see a star, dollar sign and a question mark. What am I missing......

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    Here it is rburton - far right hand corner at the bottom
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      Thank you. I have never been able to find it. Turned off Ghostery and reloaded and it popped up. Now if I can get my site back up.......


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        Also, this really isnt even "chat", I guess they have done away with that. It says they reply typically within 2 hours??? More like a ticket than chat.


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          Fran Geez, I wish my chat(not real chat) icon was part of a bigger smiley face. It might just make me feel a bit better about waiting......well.... maybe

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