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    When I first started my online store I didnt have any specific customer groups so wen someone created an account they went into the default customer list.

    Since then I have added a group where I apply a 10% discount for military and law enforcement. Promotions like free shipping and holiday sales were never and issue since the promotion applied to everyone so I would just use the standard 'All' in the promotion area that asked for what group this applies to.

    I have now added another group for CT military and law enforcement at a steeper discount. Because of the larger discount I do not offer free shipping but do allow local pickup. Now the local pickup i have setup for for the group but is is the free shipping I cannot get straight.

    It appears that 3DCart doesnt offer a simple solution of creating a promo and just clicking on all the groups it should apply to so it seems I will now have to create a free shipping promo for each group. The problem I now have is if I want to exclude my new group I cannot choose 'All'.

    Do I have to now create a 'main' customer group that all new accounts go into by default then create a free ship promo for that group & the next one and just not have one for the CT military/LE members? If that is the case can I export my customer list and change all my customers to that newly created group and how would I get new customer to go into that group by default?

    Unless I am missing something this seems like a very complicated why to just exclude 1 group from one promo.

    Hope I didnt confuse anyone

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    You can export your customers and change their group. On the excel file it's called "Discount" or "Discount Group".

    You can have different sign up pages for different groups. In the group setting there are links to each sign up page. So you would make the link to register on your site go to the appropriate group.

    The problem exists when someone creates an account at checkout. There is no way to automatically assign those people to a group that I know of.

    On a side note I would love there to be an option to select multiple groups for a promotion! Right now it seems to be all, or one.


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      Seems like a very lousy Promotion Manager setup. I know I could do it if I forced a customer to use a coupon code but I dont want to do that. Not really sure why the PM would be setup this way.