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import / export category problems

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  • import / export category problems

    I had to have 3dcart restore my database yesterday after a product import went bad.

    the problem is that the categories are separated by "/" in the csv file. some of my categories had a / in the name and during import it restructured all my categories and miscategorized a bunch of products

    my initial suggestion is that categories should be separated like froogle does. ex:

    main cat > subcat > sub sub cat
    NOT main cat / subcat / sub sub cat

    because it is very likely that some will use / in the category name


    show a summary of import changes. cycle through the import to see what WOULD be changed without actually changing anything. then show it so we can be sure that the import is working correctly before committing it to the database.

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    I completely agree!! I had my own mishap with this very thing - "/" in the category name.

    Glad you were able to get everything restored.


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      I did mine a couple times (at first I used the export spreadsheet). The old cart system I had we used macros...and you exported your file and imported back up with the same file. With 3D, you import the CSV file out, and then import that one back up. So having the export file initially was confusing.

      What helped me was manually setting up a dozen products in admin, then "exporting" that file...then I imported my CSV file out, and toggled between the two to copy/paste select info (namely the file extensions) in to the import CSV file, added the rest of my product info with the correct extensions, saved it, and then imported it back up to the database. Since I too, messed some things up initially - I was coached by support (through my tickets) that these were all space/case sensitive and to be careful.

      Along the lines of imports, I also didn't realize that you designated your thumbnail and regular images from the product import (I initially thought that all your images were designated in the Image Import) but after a few failed attempts and lots of little red x's - Support informed me I designate my main product images in the product import :) - so after I added what I thought was the correct extension for my images for yet another import, I soon realized that because I already uploaded my images to the file manager it was a slightly different extension - so had to manually go back in and fix them and it all worked properly.

      So agree with you on being able to view your changes prior to committing to the changes - or at a minimum give you the areas that are different (file extension changes, etc.) or errors. I'll have another product import containing a new batch of products, and also an Option import later today, so will probably rely on the export/copy-paste procedure so I don't mess things up once again :)! Glad they were able to restore your database - that must have been a huge relief.