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Store Emails Not Sending - Anyone Else Having This Problem?

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  • Store Emails Not Sending - Anyone Else Having This Problem?

    At 1:55pm ET yesterday 5/23/17 3dcart sent out its last order confirm to a customer. No other emails (for any reason) are being sent out from our store.

    Tech support says that it's because we don't have an SPF record at Godaddy (our registrar and email host).

    Godaddy says we don't need an SPF and that they have not blocked anything - and if they did, we'd have Mailer Daemons.

    Anyone else's store stop sending emails yesterday afternoon?

    Besides no order confirms sending to customers, we're not getting them either, and product questions, reviews, and email a friend are all not working.

    Now what?:mad:

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    You could try using Sparkpost to send your mail instead of having 3dcart do it:

    You would - counterintuitively, I know - use the Mandrill module in conjunction with your Sparkpost information. Mandrill got integrated into MailChimp a while back, but the Mandrill plugin is still good for rerouting your mail sends.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      After 3.5+hours on the phone between 3dcart and Godaddy, I finally got this issue escalated to SysAdmin at 3dcart at 8:30pm. At 9pm the nice guy from level 1 support who escalated it called me back to tell me SysAdmin had fixed it. I requested to find out what the problem was and got a note back at 10:30pm that the SysAdmin said that "the service that sent out the email stopped".

      I'm glad to say that the guy I talked with at 8pm and who escalated listened to everything I said, must have written it all down, and escalated right away which led to it being fixed shortly thereafter.

      I'm frustrated that the first person I talked to wouldn't accept the fact that I had already gone through a TON of research to come to the conclusion that 3dcart had stopped sending the emails out and that the problem was NOT that the emails WERE being sent but they were being blocked because there was no SPF record in the MX entries at Godaddy. This resulted in a very long 1st call with 3dcart and a very long call with Godaddy (who were exceedingly patient with my as I related to them WHY I was calling them about this).

      I repeatedly asked the very nice first 3dcart tech to please ask someone there to look at the email sending function and confirm that the emails were in fact being sent and after a really really long time on hold she came back and told me there was nothing in their system that indicated that there was any problem on their side and that Godaddy was surely blocking the emails. Nothing I could say could get her off that vector.

      BTW, Godaddy level 3 email techs report that SPF is "outdated modality for email verification and we're not really using it any more." Take from that what you will.

      Thanks DeanP for the reply - I'm not sure I can handle *another* integration into 3dcart. :-P