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restrict international shipping by item?

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  • restrict international shipping by item?

    Is there any way to restrict individual products from international shipping?

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    I've never seen that but I add a required option dropdown on my products that are restricted from shipping to various states with a single preselected option that says "cannot ship to...."

    I think that either the 8.0 update or 7.6 had something about product specific checkout questions. That might help.


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      No, there is no way to do that without purchasing the Restrictive Shipping add-on:

      It's important to know that it doesn't work with product options.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        We ship batteries and there are specific restrictions on shipping them. The work-around that I'm currently using is to set all batteries to an absurd weight (151 lbs). And I only have one shipping option for products over 150 lbs. : Ground shipping. It's worth noting, too, that I don't use the product weight to determine shipping weight or display the product's weight on the product page anywhere. If you do either of those, this work-around won't work(-around) for you.
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