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Modules Turning themselves off ... again

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  • Modules Turning themselves off ... again

    Tried to issue a customer a store credit -- the button was gone. Come to find out the Module turn itself off. I hope we're not playing this game again where modules are getting turned off on their own.
    Joe Arbogast

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    They're rolling out version 8 correct? Might check on the version you're on. I know I haven't updated yet but I'll start watching for any wierdness. Seems to happen when they rollout a new version


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      down 5 hours today - still had version 7 - really hoping this isn't version 8 since if it is there are some big issues - getting a bit ticked that we have been down so long - no admin - no emails - no website. 3dcat states all stores back up so I called tech support apparently they are not all back up since we have been down way too long. Thinking they headed to best buy to buy a part?