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Autoship - monthly vs every '30 days'

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  • Autoship - monthly vs every '30 days'

    The autoship/recurring orders function work on recurring orders every 30, 60, 90 etc days. This seems fairly inflexible, and unsuitable for anyone wishing to provide a monthly subscription service as part of their offering. My main issue is that I don't wish my customers to be billed twice in one month for what they perceive to be a monthly option, which could easily happen if choosing the 30 day option. I have opened a ticket, and apparently there is no flexibility within the software without ordering a custom development. Does anyone know of any workarounds to ensure genuine monthly (or every 2, 3 months etc) recurring orders? Is there an easy way of a freelance developer fixing this module to ensure clients can be billed and receive goods on the same days each month? If so, in rough terms, how would they go about this?

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    You have to do every 31 days, and once a year go through and reset everyone's next shipment date.

    Also move people who order on the first to the 3rd or so, to give yourself a buffer.

    (Yes it would be nice if they did monthly instead of days, it's half baked.)


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      Thanks NMTEACO. I see the logic. How annoyingly simple - thanks very much, that will definitely do for the time being.