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Customer submitting payment (post checkout)

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  • Customer submitting payment (post checkout)

    OK, so every now and then, we need to collect payment from customers after they have already checked out from 3dcart. This could be because the authorization expired on backordered items, customer added something to an order, etc. How do people handle situations such as this? I'm currently using jotform to have a payment form where they can resubmit the credit card information, but their free version now limits you to 1 transaction a month. Granted, this does not happen often, but a 1 transaction per month limit is a little ridiculous.

    So, how do others collect payment from customers after the fact? Do people just call the customer? Is there another form/service we could use?

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    jnnjr Paypal invoicing is pretty handy. Since you already have their info from the checkout, you can personalize the invoice and send it off at your convenience. Payment can be made via CC or Paypal without issue
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