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    Is tech support just overwhelmed? I wasn't a fan when they switched from real-time chat to the chat they have now. It went from a live interactive experience to waiting an hour or two for responses. However, my latest chat session regarding importing product reviews is becoming unbearable. Here is the timeline so far:

    2/13 1:20 PM I initiated a chat session.
    2/14 5:49 AM 3dcart responds with an apology for the delay and asks if I am still having the issue.
    2/14 10:59 AM I respond with yes.
    2/14 4:56 PM I mention this is the worst support experience I have had since starting 3dcart.
    2/15 10:22 AM 3dcart responds asking for the text file I was trying to import.
    2/15 1:18 PM I send the requested file.

    As of now I look at the chat and see the following below my last message:
    "21h ago. Not seen yet"

    I don't know what's going on, but I get concerned when tech support gets bad. Usually a sign there are issues with the company.

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    Perhaps 3dcart-William will be able to assist you to get this moving along.

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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      I'm losing faith. As I leave work it is at 28 hours and not seen yet. I guess I'll have to wait until Monday.


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        Just to follow up, my question was answered on 2/16 @ 11:08 PM.


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          ohc Sorry for the late chat responses we are experiencing a higher than normal call and chat amount. We are diligently working to get a response and help to everyone.