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Combining products with re-direct

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  • Combining products with re-direct

    I had 2 products and now combined them and added the upgrades as options. Since the original link to the product I know longer offer is out there on the net is there anyway to redirect someone that clicks a link for that product to the new one?

    Didnt know if 3dcart has an option to do something like that. I would just prefer a customer not getting that 'Product Not Available' page. I know I can keep that product page up and just put a link in the description but I would prefer to keep it a little cleaner and just not have the old listing show up at all.

    If you go to this link '' you will see the item I do not want showing up as it may confuse a buyer to think that the item is not available when it really is

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    marketing>seo tools>301 redirects or check the option to hide the product then click advanced and fill in the redirect link


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      Perfect - thank you


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        Under Meta Tags for the product, you can put the redirected address in that line. (Redirect Link)

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