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  • McAfee virus notice

    Anyone get a notice that McAfee has listed your cart as having a virus?

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    We have never received that notice. Did it say anything more such as an error code?

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      This is all it says:

      Threat Detail
      Web Category: Malicious Sites, Online Shopping
      Last Seen: 2018-03-10
      DNS Servers for this Domain: No results found

      The Overview and Associated IP Addresses tabs are blank.


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        There is a forum site for McAfee, maybe this will help.

        Maybe you could contact Tech Support to see what they say.

        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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          3DCuser Remember that Mcafee runs based on your settings of Mcafee. There are some instances where almost all sites are flagged as "Malicious Sites", which does not mean that there is a virus, but only a possibility of, which they report as a malicious site. Typically this runs in line with something else they offer as a service.

          Personally I don't bother with Mcafee at all since it sets it own standards as to level of security or what type of site it is. It is just too deceptive. For example.... IS your store a malicious site? More than likely not and the kicker is that no valid unpaid service like avast will say that your site is possibly malicious..... Because it isn't.

          So how to combat it?... Don't think you can unless you get 3dcart to pay Mcafees business registrant fees. This was an issue form years ago and it just went away on its own.

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            Yes, I did some online checking and no others found it bad. But I called tech today and put a ticket in for their server admin.

            I'm sure that listing all sites as bad is part of McAfee's marketing plan.


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              Interestingly, their server admin said "we cannot troubleshoot anything without any information".

              What more info do they need?


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                It is all fixed now. After putting a ticket in with McAfee they looked at the cart and the links, and saw it was a false alarm.

                Outbound email openings are still very low though; about 5%, when they are normally 20 to 40%. Maybe the correction needs more time to settle.