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Tiered Promotion: Get "Coupon" for Next Purchase?

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  • Tiered Promotion: Get "Coupon" for Next Purchase?


    We want to run what I believe is a tiered promotion, where if the customer buys $X in products, they would get a coupon for 10% off their next purchase; if they buy $Y they'd get a coupon for 20% off their next purchase and so forth. I was searching this forum to see if this was doable in 3D Cart and came across something similar from December 2015:

    "Let's assume the customer may choose one of 5 products for free; these products are A through E.

    Create the promotion and set your pricing rules. Set the following:

    Uses Per Customer:1
    Requires Coupon: No
    Non-Stackable: unchecked
    Order Amount: $50.00 (min)

    If products A:E are the same price, $10.00 for example, set Discount Offered to 10. Add the products to the promotion individually with "Discount Applies to this Product" or add A:E to their own hidden category and use that category for "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the Basket."

    If products A:E are different prices, then you will need to create a discount promotion for each product price."

    Would something structured like this work, meaning that in our case the "gift" would be a promo code for their next purchase? Are there other, better ideas?

    Thank you!

    John Galich