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Email on order form has length restriction

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  • Email on order form has length restriction

    The email address on the order form has a length restriction. Am I correct? We were able to replicate a problem that a customer had completing the order. It was that his email address was too long. This doesn't require any response and I doubt that it should be a "feature" request. But, I thought I'd let you all know if you're puzzled about order submission problems.

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    You should be able to fix that in your checkout page template. You'll want to find that email field and adjust the maxlength, which I see on a sample store as 50 characters.

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      Thanks. I'll do that. Generally I'd be hesitant. The email is used in other places, such as the order shipped, order received, etc.. That may affect the formatting of other documents. Having the documents interrelated is good, but changing a field on one document can affect formatting on others.


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        I'd do some trial runs to be sure, and look for problems wherever else the email address displays or is used. It may not be worth the trouble though; like, how many people really have a 50-character email address? *shrug* I don't know, but this is what it looks like:

        [email protected]

        I can't help but wonder what address was taken for someone to decide on something that long.
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        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          DeanP - I wondered the same thing - about the length of that customer's email address. We have never had this situation previously and I don't think it's worth the trouble. Eventually, it will occur to them it is too long.