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  • Custom Shipping Method Defaults

    I have set up a Custom Shipping method to create a USPS Flat Rate shipping option for certain products. It works but when a customer checks out that method is automatically selected as the default shipping method -- it is not always the cheapest method for customers and they miss that there are lower cost options. Is there a way to not have it defaulted?

    Joe Arbogast

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    Birdsafe I have the same problem. I made custom flat rate options and they are always at the top of the list. My less expensive shipping is less obvious a few levels beneath it. I set it up so the shipping shows always open but folks still miss seeing the less expensive ones. I think it is habit since so many other websites have the shipping in order from least to most expensive. Following to see if anyone has a solution.


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      Sorry for the bump....
      I am experiencing a similar issue as we speak. I have 3 custom shipping methods set up and it is defaulting to and only showing 1 of them. I can't for the life of me figure out why the other 2 methods are not showing up. From everything I've looked at and checked, they should be...