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Help set up "site search" google analytics

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  • Help set up "site search" google analytics

    I want to have my google analytics account track searches on the site. I can't figure it out. Can someone tell me how to do it? The query string on the search function looks like this:


    Google says:

    If you're using a POST-based search engine, the search-results URL would look something like:

    You have two options to use Site Search for POST-based search engines:

    Option 1: Configure your web application to append the query keywords to the end of the URL (e.g., and then set up Site Search as described in the previous section.

    Option 2: Customize the tracking code on your results page to dynamically specify a virtual page path that includes the query keywords. The tracking code on the results page would look something like:

    analytics.js: ga('send', 'pageview', '/search_results.php?q=keyword');