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  • How to Get Support?

    I'm confused -- I was under the impression that we were being encouraged to use the in-app support "chat" when we need to get support -- not go to open a Ticket -- and that the support staff from that in-app request would open a ticket if necessary. I recently put in a request through the app and then 2 days later when I followed up as I received no reply -- or at least I thought so -- I was asked for the Ticket ID -- I'm also not being notified when I log in that there was a response to my question/request.

    Should we go back to the old method of just opening a Ticket on the Support page?

    I'm also curious if others can verify for me that if you turn off Quick View, it also turns off Quick Cart -- I've always known the two to be linked and you have to take neither or both. When I put i a Feature Request to unlink the two I was notified that the Request was denied because that ability already exists and to open a ticket if they are linked.

    Joe Arbogast

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    Thank you for adding this. We are having the same issue. I love the 3dcart platform and have been with them for 6-7 years. When we use the online 'chat' feature, we get a response in 1-2 days and many times that is followed up with not a solution, but another question. Then another 1-2 days goes by. By this point, I have already found a solution myself or just threw in the towel with whatever issue I am having. This is something that 3dCart needs to improve.


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      Recently signed up for (2) carts to switch over from another platform. So totally disgusted with the 2-3 day wait time for a support response. Cutting my losses and moving on to another platform. 3Dcart had me and probably would have had my business for many years, but they are too busy to help me setup my cart.


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        This is really sad to see / hear. Customer support, and especially new customer support is incredibly important. bob1008, I came over from Shopify, and while I could get someone on the phone immediately, a lot of times they didn't know what they were talking about or it would take days from that point to get resolution. This kind of feedback is important for the 3dcart powers that be to see. I am glad you posted it.


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          Hello everyone, we apologize for the wait times for chat responses. Current the chat is not live and sometimes will take up to 24 hours for a response. We do work on all tickets and issues as they come in and do our best to get a response to everyone. If the issue needs additional attention we do ask that a ticket gets opened so we can keep track of what's going on. If there are any outstanding tickets or issue you would like looked into please provide a ticket id or explanation of the issue.