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FedEx & Insurance rates?

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  • FedEx & Insurance rates?

    I've had a ticket on this - but they must be real busy with the new update as I haven't heard anything since I submitted on the 14th. If anyone could shed some light or maybe give me some ideas on where to check - it would be super.

    I'm using the canned in rates for USPS & FedEx. Although I have accounts with both of these, I guess they are not the same as real time accounts, as everything is done on line. So I've left the account information blank so that the system still pulls up the rates. I'm not sure if this is the best way - but it's what Support originally suggested I do to get the rates to show.

    My problem right now is that the FedEx Real Time rates that show on my website appear to be incorrect when I compare to my actual FEDEx account online using the same test address. In all cases the rates are short on my website by $1.05 (my actual paid rates through are showing at $1.05 higher than the rates my potential customers are shown in the cart). So I'm not entirely sure what I need to do (alone that's not a big deal - but when you start adding that up, it could get very costly) - I've checked the trouble shooting info in the tutorial hoping it was just something stupid I did - haven't located anything yet....any ideas on what to check? Are any of you using the canned rates, or have you set up your own realtime rates? Or do you just go with a flate rate?

    My second issue is with the insurance. All packages are automatically insured for the first $100. I manually added insurance ranges in the settings area for order amounts higher than $100. I would like to leave this as a customer choice rather than making it mandatory. But the system is not pulling the correct rate (e.g. when I added say $395 worth of product to the cart, the extra insurance rate did not show the $2.40 rate for 300.01-400 product range, but instead the $4.80 for 700.01-800 insurance range).

    Then regarding the mark-up, I also wanted to put in a dollar amount for USPS (instead of a percentage). However, when I did this & tested it...the system will not show ANY insurance options - but when I switch back to the percentage mark-up, the insurance shows up.

    Anyways - I'm confused...and need some new opinions on where to look :)
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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    Jlynn, we are having the exact same problem with the fedex component on this cart. A Fedex rep is actually coming to our facility today at 12:30 pm PST to check this issue out as I too had a ticket open with this issue and received to response. After I've met with Fedex I will post any information that might be of help to you as well. We currently have to use the ups component on our site since the rates are showing up a bit closer to reality. Also, I noticed that the fedex component here does not offer fedex international ground rates for shipping to Canada. It only shows the more costly version. I'm not sure if this is because 3dc doesn't have that in there or if it has to do with fedex. But after I've spoken with them today I'll come back and post.

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      Thanks - let me know...

      Heard back from Carlin, the insurance rate issue was caused by an error in the ASP coding and was fixed :D

      As for FedEx -I just asked Support another question (they must REALLY love me LOL). Based on my original experience when inputting my account information (by the way since I'm completely online, I don't have any meters/thermal printers, etc.) - and the rates not showing up at all (all shipping info disappeared). But I'm not sure if I have the correct type of account (like maybe I need to get something different than my standard ones that have my log/in/account# & password)? I even clicked on the register with USPS again - but that gave me some detailed information about setting up real time shipping which totally confused me as I'm thinking there really should be no need to do this since it's already set up. Any thoughts on my confusion?? Maybe I need a 101 course on setting up shipping and review the tutorial again (although the tutorial if I remember was very general). I'm still not 100% clear on the shipping and the information that transfers (like in my old cart, the customer's info was there was no additional work like typing in names/addresses for their labels) - is it the same with 3D? Or is that an upgrade?? Haven't branched out - strictly shipping in shipping to Canada a good thing or are their drawbacks? I just hate the thought of someone getting hit with any additional fees (need to research this a bit more before we take that step).

      Anyways - good to know I'm not alone - let me know what FedEx says.