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Google Pay NOT activated with 3dcart... despite them advertising it works.

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  • Google Pay NOT activated with 3dcart... despite them advertising it works.

    I have been trying to get google pay to work. Google says that they have not authorized 3dcart to provide this service.

    "Based on the second link you gave [Link to 3dcarts help document about google pay], you should be able to activate this yourself without our assistance. With that method in the link, 3dcart users can go live without our review. This isn't possible because we require a review before a merchant can go live with their integration. Like I mentioned previously, we're still in talks with 3dcart about the integration process and how to best scale it. We appreciate your patience while we work this out and will reach out to you soon."

    I don't really know what Google is saying. However, it seems that the integration does not work. I have contacted 3dcart support, but they say it does not work because of rocket loader on Cloudflare (I don't have rocket loader enabled).

    Does anyone have google pay working on their site??
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    What payment provider do you use?

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      Stripe... However it seems it's not an issue with that side of it. Google says that they have to manually approve all merchants, and the 3d cart integration is not supported as it's currently implemented.

      Of course the Google support guy could be wrong. That's why I'm trying to find out if anyone has it working.


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        I have been trying to get google pay to work for the last 6 weeks. Constant back and forth with level 2 support as they blame everything but their software.
        The last guess as to why it was not working was that I needed to buy a dedicated SSL cert. and have it installed on my store.

        From Level 2 support:
        "It seems that google is not allowing you to use a shared Url. In order to use Google pay you will need a dedicated SSL certificate and Https throughout the site."

        Well, after spending $298 for the cert / install and Google Pay still does not work. Still getting the same error message during google pay checkout "This merchant is not enabled for google pay."

        Google API team says our Google merchant ID is correct and fully activated. The 3DCart knowledge base article on activating Google pay is pretty straight foward. Nothing to do but enter your merchant ID and enable.

        Stripe says it is a 3DCart issue.


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          Did the Google API team manually approve you?

          From what I understand they will NOT approve a 3dcart user because the implementation that 3dcart has made is not approved.

          They have to approve every merchant by hand, and they have to test your site to make sure it works in a test environment first, then they let you go live.

          I was specifically told they could not approve my account beacuse even if I activate the plug-in through 3dcart, it would fail, and therefore fail the test.

          In short, it has to be fully working in a test environment for them to approve the final implementation.


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            I found the email that says it better:

            "Hi David,

            I don't think it'll work. Since that link you provided assumes you have production access (which you don't). Turning it on would just show a Google Pay button that will error out when I click it. Please allow us to figure out something for 3dcart and get back to you once we do. I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience this is for you and appreciate your patience we work to give you a more streamlined process.

            The Google Pay API Support Team


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              No - GooglePay did not manually approve me.

              At one point, 3dCart level 2 support told me that I entered an incorrect merchant ID into the module.
              I asked Googlepay API team about this and they said my merchant ID was correct.
              I then asked Google if perhaps I need to get a new merchant ID and this was Google's response:

              "Hi Chuck,

              Getting a new merchant ID would not help. The way it has been set up on the 3Dcart side, makes it so that it is not working, even if we give you the correct merchant ID. For now, there is not much you will be able to do until we resolve this issue with 3DCart. Please stand by!

              The Google Pay API Support Team"

              Basically, it seems that sinceGoogle API requires the merchant store to be working in a test environment 1st, and there is no way for a 3DCart merchant to do this, then the merchant request to enable GooglePay will never get approved.


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                We sincerely apologize for the trouble with the google pay integration. We are currently working with google to get this resolved soon as possible. Once we have more details we will notify everyone. Thanks so much for your patience while we work to get this resolved.


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                  Just following, I was about to sign up for Stripe so I could use Google Pay on my 3dcart store,



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                    any updates with Google Pay?


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                      Hello everyone, sorry for the late update on this but we have updated our KB article on the requirements to set up the google pay. After going through each step google pay should work fine in your stores. Here is the article in question:


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                        Originally posted by 3dcart-William View Post
                        Hello everyone, sorry for the late update on this but we have updated our KB article on the requirements to set up the google pay. After going through each step google pay should work fine in your stores. Here is the article in question:
                        This is email I got yesterday :

                        Thanks for your interest in the Google Pay API.

                        Since 3D Cart is a platform provider, we are currently streamlining the integration process. At this time we are not on-boarding 3D Cart merchants. We have saved your information and will reach out when we can continue with the on-boarding process.

                        The Google Pay API Support Team


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                          kalaja We had our advocate contact google and confirm this is working now. You will need to just follow the steps in the KB article provided. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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                            What is the Integration Platform Type ?
                            • Android
                            • Web


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                              3DCuser If I understand you correctly the google pay apps can be used on both Android and Web. There are some requirement for android users mentioned on our KB article.

                              " Your customer must be using Chrome for Android version 59 or higher on an Android device running Android Kit Kat (4.4) or higher.
                              - Have the Google Pay app installed and running on their device.
                              - For Desktop, they must be using the latest Chrome version, have the Google Pay browser extension installed and have the account linked to their mobile device."