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Shopify vs. 3Dcart

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  • Shopify vs. 3Dcart

    Can someone who is or has been on shopify please chime in...
    Been with 3D for 10 years and just started another niche website but this time i tired shopify. So far, so good. I really like it and the ease of the admin and iphone app. Am I missing something here? Any negatives that I should be aware of or things that you think 3D is better at? If all goes smooth with my new website, I am actually thinking about moving my 3D one over to shopify (which I know will be a monumental task as opposed to starting from scratch)

    Anyones .02 is appreciated on this.

    Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop

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    I dont have shopify...but if you look at this link..... they do charge for a transaction fee. Volusion was going to do that, but they pulled away from it i think. Not sure if they charge using their Merchant Account, or if you have your own, you could be exempt from it. Thats the only neg thing that i see.


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      SunshineDaydream I have 3 shopify stores, one of which will be coming back to 3d because I need certain functionalities that shopify uses apps to do, and it complicates things a good bit, not to mention it makes things quite expensive if a lot are needed. For simple stores, you can't beat shopify... it is incredibly easy to use and flexible once you get used to it. For more complex needs, the nature of the apps / themes starts to create problems. It really depends on what you need. You will bump into shopifys limitations pretty quickly and know what works and what doesn't - a company in my shared warehouse does $17M / year in sales on Shopify. There are so many apps that you can probably find what you need easily.

      The site I brought to 3d is a supply site that has a lot of products, variables, and options. I wanted more core functionality built into the site itself, like unlimited product options and tiered / discounted pricing. I also didn't want my theme / design to be limited every time there is an update. With shopify, once you modify the theme, that is it. If there is an update that you want included in your store, you have to modify everything all over again. I hope that helps, and would be happy to discuss it more if you are interested. I am very well acquainted with shopify.