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  • Buy 1 - Get 1 50% Off

    is this possible to set up in the promotion manager?

    Our customer is requesting this but it doesn't look possible while looking at the promotion options and rules, and I haven't found anything in the help areas.

    Anyone know of any workarounds or if its even possible?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    How many products are we talking about here? Is this for one specific product, or a handful, or does it apply to, say, all 100 inventory items in the store?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      We currently have 86 items on the store, all apparel. It is for a company's employees to purchase work apparel with their logos on it.

      The client was hoping to have it be for the whole store, so buy any item, get a second item (for equal or lesser value) at half off.

      We've been experimenting in the promotions area for a day now and it is pretty limited we have come to find out unfortunately. Looks like the only Buy 1 Get Half Off deal is for specific items. Like buy this specific item, and get this other specific item for half off.... and not the whole store. 3dCart would have to be able to determine which item is of equal or less value to apply the discount to as well which doesn't seem possible.

      Our customer knows that we are limited with what 3dCart can do, so we might just have to think of a different promotion to run that we can actually do.

      We ran a 30% off the whole store promotion last month, which is easy of course, and the client wants to keep the promotions new and creative to keep their employees coming back to buy more.

      Thanks for the reply DeanP


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        Hmm. I can think of only one way to maybe do this, but it's not pretty. Forgive me for not trying this out - it's just an idea that occurred to me.

        Basically, you would group all your products together based on price, assign each group to a hidden category, and then offer a 50% discount if a product from an equal or lesser value category is purchased. Really the only way it's feasible is to have very little variation in product pricing, unless you don't mind doing a lot of work. Here's an example:

        Consider a store which with an inventory that consist only of $5, $10, and $15 products. Never mind if they're hats, shirts, etc. You would create $5, $10, and $15 hidden categories, and set up rules similar to this:

        If product in $10 category is purchased, apply discount to products in $5 and $10 categories.

        In 3dcart admin terms, the setup would look like this:

        Promotion Offers:
        * Discount offered: 50%
        * Include products in these categories: $5, $10

        Promotion Rules:
        * Applies if products from these categories are in the basket: $10

        So, if you buy a $10 product, you get 50% off a $5 or $10 product. There are a number of shortcomings and exceptions, but fundamentally it should work.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting