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  • Update to My Pricing

    I get pricing feeds from my 2 wholesalers daily. Does any one know how I can just update my cost and price fields using the import process ?

    You can do this to inventory...update inventory levels by importing a 3 column file which has "ID" "name" "stock"

    I want This for pricing

    ID Cost Price

    Can this be done ?

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    Hi Scott,
    I'm not sure if you're talking about the product price/cost on the first tab of a Product (this import is done through Product CSV) OR the quantity discounts (this import is done through the Pricing CSV) - however...if you're talking about the the Customer Group Price Levels that you designate on the advanced tab section for say any designated customers that purchase wholesale from you - I actually have a ticket in on this one as I wanted to do a batch import and cut/paste from my excel wholesale price list...

    Will post what I find out - hopefully I've just missed which csv file...and if not then hopefully it's part of the upgrades to the system :)


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      Here's what I learned....

      Per Samantha :)

      "This can be done by using the product export file - go to products - export/import. Click on Process next to Products in the export section. You can then update your products in the price levels fields (price_1, price_2, price_3 etc). If this is a fresh import (inserting new products) remove the Cataogid column before importing the file. If you are just updating existing products, you do not need to remove the catalogid column."

      Since I thought that utilizing the export files for an import was a no-no...I also got clarification from Samantha who said that if you want to use the price levels as an import you must use the EXPORT file as your import, but that it's generally not the case for importing (to use the export file), but this is an exception to the rule. She pointed out that if you're doing a fresh import (inserting new products) to make sure you remove the Cataogid column before importing the file...but if you are just updating existing products, you do not need to remove the catalogid column.

      Hope that helps - it sure helped me :D