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  • Marketing Suggestions Needed

    I am starting to push apparel in our store and offer a 10% discount if someone adds 2 or more items from that category. Looking for a way to have some kind of message to come up if a customer adds 1 item. Maybe something on the cart page with a message.

    I know 3dCart offers the 3dBoost app but as a small business spending $25.00 a month is really not an option for me at this point. Does anyone have an ideas how this can be done?

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    There are some freebie third party apps that may work for you:
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      thank you Dean


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        cdarmssupply I also wanted to put in there that JustUno looks like it has a free program up to 5000 visitors, and I love their feature set - and their site: As per DeanP I have Privy on a shopify store of mine, and it works great too. I am going with Just Uno because I want to use their other features. Hope that helps. Andrew