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No longer possible to access customer's account page from an Invoice?

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  • No longer possible to access customer's account page from an Invoice?

    We used to be able to click on the customer's name in an invoice to access his account. (the name was a link)
    That link seems to be gone in v8.2.

    Now if you want to access a customer's account you need to exit the invoice and search the customer.

    A link inside the invoice was far more convenient

    Is it really gone or am I missing something ?

    Link nowhere to be found there:

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    We noticed this as well and are hoping this is something that gets fixed.


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      I have already got some blowback from our staff about this one. Takes several steps now to pull up the customer's account page.

      Additionally, you used to be able to hover over the customer's name and get basic account details such as the group the customer belongs to. That function is no longer working either.


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        You actually can click the Customer's Name under the Billing Section - it should be added to the big useless icon at the top, but you can click on the name still.
        Joe Arbogast


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          You can click on the customers name under the "Billing" just like before. It is no longer in the bold green like before, so it is easy to miss. Hopefully they can change that so it is more noticeable. I am such an idiot, I didnt see Birdsafe above said the same exact thing.:rolleyes::D


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            :p thanks guys... I was so frustrated clicking on customer email and name like an idiot ...