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  • 301 redirect Cateogories

    Just started using the Unmapped Pages for 301's. There are unmapped pages such as
    - view_catgegory.asp?=230 or tables_c_214-4-0.html
    - apple-touch-icon.png

    Does anyone else have these shown as unmapped pages?
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    Yes. Just scroll through and find real products that need redirecting, or wait for Google to point them out.


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      Thanks Celebra.

      One of the largest number of 404 errors are from windows.ini files. So, I did some research.
      **** Windows.ini files
      "With Windows ini files, this shows up as a "Http 404 -file not found
      File not found" error message on a server that is running IIS. "

      Don't know if 3dcart servers run on IIS.
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        *** Apple Touch pngs and other related apple product links: I am assigning: home.asp

        **Product 404 errors: This is corrected using the correct URL.

        ** Product 404 Errors due to GTIN: If some of you had to change product names to comply with GTIN, this will be on your list.

        ** Category, Page, description 404 errors to home.asp because it is not clear what category was used. I suspect some of these some from bookmarking.

        By the way, I am covering this just in case other forum members have the 404 errors on non-products. It'll lower our bounce rates. If no one has this problem, please feel free to leave a note and I won't clutter the forum with my "discoveries" :)
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          I've been working on this too. I have tons of bizarre things in my list.


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            Are there any issues with re-directing things like scripts/setup.php, wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php to home.asp I have no idea what so many of these things are.


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              Some of those links are from tools, bots or people hitting your site trying to hack. You can ignore them. In fact, a lot of things in unmapped can be ignored especially if you don't find too many hits on each. You can't control all of the incorrect, broken links created by spammy directories on the internet or every single link created to a page 2, 3, and 4 to an old category on your site. Unless you have a lot of free time, I'd suggest not playing whack-a-mole with every hit. Some of these don't even reflect a link in existence.


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                bzeltzer's answer and mine are correct. You can ignore most of the unmapped except those that go to a valid product. Many of the items in unmapped (right now) are coming from the template changes 3D initiated. Those will go away by themselves in about a month. I do a sort on mine to get them alphabetical, and then scan for known products, or products recently discontinued. Concentrate on those. If you miss any, Google will tell you in GWT.